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Colors in the SDK

Extracted from the SDK doc.
  • Primary color (header process indicator, spinners, icons)
    • Primary color: sdk_primary_color
    • Primary pressed color: sdk_primary_pressed_color
  • Secondary color (buttons, NFC process indicator, success screen background)
    • Secondary color: sdk_secondary_color
    • Secondary pressed color: sdk_secondary_pressed_color
  • Background color
    • Background color: sdk_background_color
  • Status bar color
    • Status bar color: sdk_status_bar_color
  • Button color
    • Button background color: sdk_button_color (default: sdk_secondary_color)
    • Button pressed background color: sdk_button_pressed_color (default: sdk_secondary_pressed_color)
    • Button disabled background color: sdk_button_disabled_color
    • Button border color: sdk_button_border_color (default: sdk_secondary_color)
    • Button pressed border color: sdk_button_pressed_border_color (default: sdk_secondary_pressed_color)
    • Button disabled border color: sdk_button_disabled_border_color
    • Button text color: sdk_button_text_color
    • Button pressed text color: sdk_button_pressed_text_color
    • Button disabled text color: sdk_button_disabled_text_color
  • Primary error button color (retry)
    • Button background color: sdk_button_error_primary_color
    • Button pressed background color: sdk_button_error_primary_pressed_color
    • Button disabled background color: sdk_button_error_primary_disabled_color
    • Button border color: sdk_button_error_primary_border_color
    • Button pressed border color: sdk_button_error_primary_pressed_border_color
    • Button disabled border color: sdk_button_error_primary_disabled_border_color
    • Button text color: sdk_button_error_primary_text_color
    • Button pressed text color: sdk_button_error_primary_pressed_text_color
    • Button disabled text color: sdk_button_error_primary_disabled_text_color
  • Secondary error button color (cancel or back)
    • Button background color: sdk_button_error_secondary_color
    • Button pressed background color: sdk_button_error_secondary_pressed_color
    • Button disabled background color: sdk_button_error_secondary_disabled_color
    • Button border color: sdk_button_error_secondary_border_color
    • Button pressed border color: sdk_button_error_secondary_pressed_border_color
    • Button disabled border color: sdk_button_error_secondary_disabled_border_color
    • Button text color: sdk_button_error_secondary_text_color
    • Button pressed text color: sdk_button_error_secondary_pressed_text_color
    • Button disabled text color: sdk_button_error_secondary_disabled_text_color
  • Text color
    • Default text color: sdk_text_color
    • Screen title text color: sdk_h1_text_color
  • Header
    • Header background color: sdk_header_background_color (default: sdk_background_color)
    • Header line color: sdk_header_line_color
  • NFC steps
    • NFC step color: sdk_nfc_step_color (default: sdk_secondary_color)
    • NFC stop text color: sdk_nfc_step_text_color (default: sdk_button_text_color)
Creation date: 22/03/2018 13:53 ()      Updated: 22/03/2018 13:53 ()