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Samsung S9. Green text when scanning passport MRZ is not visible.


While scanning MRZ on S8 you can see green text indicating that info is in reading process. No green indication on S9. Same for Huawei


This is a known issue.

The Huawei of Hans seems to have the same problem, and also missing the 32bit libbcc.so files.

We have investigated both of these and there is a common cause. This is described in https://developer.samsung.com/forum/board/thread/view.do?boardName=SDK&messageId=347823&messageNumber=73782&startId=zzzzz~

Both are caused by the Android build missing libraries which should be there. We will monitor the situation but we have limited influence on the platform manufacturers. The actual library we use is a part of Android which depends on the manufactorer to place the correct native libraries on the phone which they have not done here.
Creation date: 16/05/2018 14:09 (ronny@idmee.no)      Updated: 16/05/2018 20:11 (ronny@idmee.no)