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Demo application

The Idmee demo app has been built to demonstrate the SDK and is basically a thin wrapper on top of the SDK. For now this is only available for Android phones. We have chosen to call this demo the bank of dad since this should be a brand name everybody knows, but on a more serious note this demonstrate some of the personalization by configuration the SDK offers.
In other words when  embedded in your app it will be you branding and your style that will appear.

There are limits to this however which follows from the "extremely simple to integrate"  paradigm we have chosen since there is never a truly free lunch. Total flexibility gives an high integration effort, while easy to integrate do impose limits on the flexibility...

Can I use it ?
To use this you need a machine readable passport or European machine readable ID card.  This should have this logo.

Non European ID cards are generally not supported as of now but can be supported if required commercially.

The application comes with a set of terms and conditions which you need to accept and which can also be found here https://www.idmee.no/terms-and-conditions/.

Basically these are that we need to keep some information about you (email address as long as you are using  the app) , if something is broken on you phone that is not something we can be held accountable for and that you may only use this app for getting insight into what we provide and not as a commercial tool.

What does it do ?

It shows you what can be implemented in your own app in an extremely simple way. To learn more please visit https://www.idmee.no/how-to-implement-technical-overview/

What about privacy ?

As long as you are using the app we will need to keep your email address on file for authorization purposes. We do not keep any personal data and we do not sell, distribute or any form or shape make data about you or your usage available externally or internally. Our logs are completely scrubbed for any identifying information.
What we do keep is an anonymous record  described here https://www.idmee.no/data-anonymity/

Getting Access

This is now in public beta. You can register for participation using the link https://play.google.com/apps/testing/no.idmee.android.demo

After getting the app you will be required to login using your identity using a social media account and where you will be granted access for 30 days. During this period we will connect with you to investigate if we can help with any business requirement. After 30 days your usage will be extended by agreement to limit the resources used, we will be very liberal in extending but you will need to give some kind of business rationale. 

  • As long as we are in beta you need to make a case why you should be enrolled to the beta program.
  • As long as we are in beta you need to provide the email address you use on your phone to access Google play store.
  • You need to provide the email address associated with your social media service which you  will be authenticating to. We currently support Google based accounts with more to come and your email address can be, but does not need to be the same as used for play store access.  
We will if access is granted send you an link which you need to open on your Android mobile which will give you access to the program and where you can subsequently access the app on play store.

Getting support and giving suggestions

Please raise a ticket here at the help desk, on our web pages (www.idmee.no) or send an email to contact@idmee.no.

App settings

The app contains some settings that may be of interest. The settings page is accessible from the start page.

These are:
  • Passport. If the user should be able to use machine readable travel passports.
  • ID cards. If the user should be able to us ID cards. Out of the box only machine readable European cards are supported.
  • Expert mode. A non verbose quick process as opposed to the pedagogic multi step default process.
  • Suppress result values. If checked no personal information is shown, useful for demos.
  • Suppress result images. If checked neither the image from the passport nor the image captured during the process will be shown.
  • Allow sceenshots. If checked it will be possible to do screen capture for most of the process. Normal deployment is with this unchecked for privacy ans security purposes.
The demo application is missing one important feature provided by the SDK. When using the SDK deployed in your own app all personal information and some imagery is uploaded to your server for archive and proof of process purposes.
More information about this can be found at https://www.idmee.no/how-to-implement-technical-overview/

Known errors and limitations

  • The application is a wrapper around the SDK. The SDK supports localization for Norwegian and English but the app wrapper only supports English. Should your phone use Norwegian as it primary language you will experience a mixture of languages.
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